We Are Expanding Our Affordable Legal Services

As a nonprofit firm, Unite the People provides affordable legal services to general public. Our pricing is generally 80-90% less than private law firms. Due to recent court decisions such as In Re Edwards and new laws signed this month, we have expanded our services and are currently promoting the following:

  1. Writs of Habeas Corpus — After the successful Edwards writ of habeas corpus case, with the Superior Court of Los Angeles deciding nonviolent offenders incarcerated on a nonviolent 3rd strike were now eligible for relief under Prop 57, we launched an affordable service preparing writs. Paul Grinker, a nonviolent offender, was recently released on a writ of habeas corpus based upon the Edwards case. The court instructed his release within 5 days of the decision. The average cost of this service is $1,500, but starts lower on a sliding scale based on income.

  2. Section 1170(d)(1) Recall of Sentence Applications — For those unfamiliar with Penal Code 1170(d)(1), it gives the right to ask the sentencing court for a recall of sentence: "Court Resentencing Petitions to request the recall and resentencing of inmates who: (1) have an error in the calculation of their sentence or whose sentences are affected by changes in case law, or (2) exhibit exceptional conduct that indicates that their continued incarceration is not in the interest of justice and they would be a positive asset to the community." The average cost of this service is also $1,500 with potentially lower costs based on adjusted gross income. Learn more about section 1170(d)(1) here.

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