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Unite the People’s legal team pride themselves on helping to start a revolution in the legal services industry.

By becoming one of the first nonprofit firms in the nation (and the first in California!) catering to individuals who earn too much to qualify for free or pro-bono legal services, but who earn too little to afford a traditional private law firm, UTP is helping hundreds of California residents connect with affordable and reliable legal services.

Although our lawyers do charge for all work performed, they do so at a much lower rate than other attorneys. The three pillars of our model are: (1) operating as a nonprofit to keep overhead down, (2) charging on a sliding scale based on income, and (3) keeping client costs low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Unite the People’s lawyers take cases on contingency?

UTP’s legal team do not take cases on contingency. Private law firms are able to take cases on contingency (where they are not paid unless they win a case) only when they have a surplus of funding to cover their costs while the case is ongoing.

UTP is structured so that clients fund their own cases at an affordable rate. This allows our attorneys to charge less money because we are not simply focusing on getting large profits. Besides, most family and criminal cases cannot be taken on contingency due to ethical rules.

Does UTP’s legal team offer free services?

Clients who qualify for our lawyer’s services generally fit between 125% and 400% of the federal poverty level. Those who fall below our lawyer’s scale are usually eligible for free help in the form of pro bono entities or free legal clinics. Those agencies receive funding to be able to offer free representation. We do not receive grant money for this purpose at this time. Our attorneys charge for all work they perform, but they do so at a much lower rate than private attorneys.

Do UTP’s lawyers offer unbundled legal services?

Legal services are considered unbundled when a case is broken into small pieces. For example, you can hire an attorney to just help you speak in court or draft a document. While UTP’s lawyers will do this type of work, we find it is too easy for the other side or even the court to confuse you or let you make mistakes which can be costly to your case in the long run.

It is always better to have an attorney by your side for the whole case. Representing yourself or only having help for part of your case can actually cost you more in the long run. These cases take longer to resolve, or you end up needing to hire an attorney anyway to fix mistakes. A better option is to contact us for a consultation to get a case plan put together to decide what your next steps should be.

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Practice Areas

  • Family Law

  • Criminal defense

  • DUI / DWI

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • Victims other violent crimes

  • Victims of human trafficking

  • Affirmative asylum applications

  • DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals)

  • Family based petitions

  • Employment based petitions

  • Immigration court hearings

  • Deportation defense

  • Citizenship

  • Many more!

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