UTP Launches Petition in Support of AB 2138 - Business Licensing for Former Inmates


Across the nation, millions of people with arrest and conviction records face overly restrictive barriers to obtaining a job.

Poorly written, outdated, and inhumane “tough on crime” policies have lead to an epidemic of mass incarceration and arrests, resulting in more Americans than ever having an arrest or conviction record.

When rehabilitated former offenders can't find careers because of unfair business practices and draconian state licensing laws, they are often left with very few options to put food on their tables or a roof over their heads.

It is clear that policies that make it easier for people with records to work strengthen our economy, improve public safety, reduce crime and recidivism rates, help employers find good workers, and advance racial and social justice.

California has a chance to lead the way by passing "fair chance" licensing reforms that open up occupations with good pay to rehabilitated offenders.

In California, several bills (AB 2138, SB 1298, AB 3039, AB 2293) have been introduced to improve access to a range of occupations by requiring fairer consideration of records and removing most blanket bans. Unite the People is working hard to get these bills out of committee, through the legislature, and onto the governor's desk this year.

 Sign our petition here: https://www.change.org/p/support-ab-2138-give-former-offenders-a-fair-chance-at-a-job