UTP Asks Gov. Jerry Brown to Commute Ceasar McDowell's Unjust Sentence


Ceasar McDowell has been locked up for 18 years for nonviolent offenses under California's draconian "Three Strikes" mandatory sentencing law. With no time credits for good behavior allowed for most of his sentece (pre-Prop 57), Ceasar will serve nearly 25 years before he's even eligible for parole, at a cost of nearly $2 million to California taxpayers.

Ceasar's children have grown up deprived of their father's presence because of unjust and unfair mandatory sentencing requirements. Unfortunately, time is running out for Governor Brown to reduce his sentence, so we need to act now. We are calling on all of our supporters to please sign and share this petition today. Ceasar and his loved ones are relying on us to help reunite them and end this injustice.

Please sign today: https://www.change.org/p/jerry-brown-reduce-ceasar-mcdowell-s-unjust-sentence