We're Making Calls to END the Felony Murder Rule


ALL HANDS ON DECK!! It's time to END the felony murder rule! SB1437 is heading to the California Assembly floor and we need EVERYONE to make a quick phone call to help it pass.

SB1437 reforms existing law by making clear the distinction between those who participated in an underlying offense  but did not know a murder was to take place and did not participate in the murder, and those who actually chose to take someone’s life in the commission of other crimes or aided in the process. Let's stop sentencing people for offenses they did not commit!

Just click the "Call" button in the box below. If you don't see the box, refresh the page (it's currently having loading issues because of large amounts of web traffic).

We need to register as many calls as possible today and tomorrow morning to help free our loved ones and stop sentencing people for offenses they didn't commit! Just call and tell the intern or staffer who picks up the phone that you want the representative to vote YES on SB 1437.

It's that simple! It should take you no more than a minute to do this, but it's worth YEARS to those who are sentenced under this horrible law.

Read stories of people wrongly sentenced and incarcerated under the Felony Murder Rule here: https://restorecal.org/four-stories-of-the-felony-murder-rule-in-california/


From the Court of Appeals opinion in a young woman’s case in the Central Valley:

V.J. was found guilty of first degree felony murder for her participation in an altercation that led to the death of one individual. Her co-defendant, the perpetrator of the homicide, was a man who rented a small house behind her home and had a history of violence. He had instructed V.J. to call him and notify him when another neighbor returned home, so that he could "come up" on him (commit a robbery). She testified that he repeatedly threatened to harm her elderly father, who lived with her, if she did not comply with his request to notify him when the neighbor returned home. When the victim returned home, V.J. made the call to her co-defendant. She would later hear the sounds of her co-defendant striking the victim and went out into the yard when she heard someone moaning. She then summoned her father who took the victim to the hospital where he died from the blow to his head. When questioned by police, V.J. admitted the events above and attributed her participation to her fear that that co-defendant would harm her father.

V.J. was sentenced to 25-years-to-life under the felony murder rule.

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