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the Unite the People Legal Defense Fund

At Unite the People, we believe that a critical test for our justice system is whether it is fair, simple, affordable, and accessible. For many Americans, our legal system is failing on all these fronts. The high price of legal services means that many would find it difficult to pay for a lawyer for anything but the most basic legal issues. That makes our legal system both unfair and hard to navigate for those without the means to pay.

The reality is that lawyers' services are not cheap, no matter what type of legal case is being faced. Even simple cases can cost several thousand dollars. In fact, the average cost of private legal representation in the United States is greater than $250 per hour.

To further our goals equal representation under the law, we have established the Unite the People Legal Defense Fund to help offset the costs of legal services for those in need.

Help us cover the legal costs of filing Writs of Habeas Corpus in California to give nonviolent 3rd strikers a chance

Two recent superior court decisions in California, Edwards and Grinker, overturned California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) rules that barred nonviolent third strikers from seeking relief under Proposition 57. This means the 3,000+ third strikers who have been denied parole hearings since Prop 57 passed in 2016 are now eligible.

In order to expedite the process of these parole hearings, we are using our network of attorneys and paralegals to prepare writs of habeas corpus on behalf of Prop 57-eligible second and third strikers. Our average costs to provide this service are around $50 an hour, far less than a private law firm, but that still makes it difficult for many with financial difficulties to afford this critical service for their incarcerated loved one.

Please Donate Today

  • A donation of $50 can offset one hour of research and legal preparation

  • A donation of $800 can cover the entire costs of research and preparing a writ for the most indigent (those in the lowest economic bracket with adjusted gross incomes below $13,600)

  • A donation of $1,500 can cover the entire costs of research and preparing a writ for those in the middle income brackets

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your donations to Unite the People are tax deductible!

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