Reviews from some of our clients:

“Thanks to UTP, my son will be released very soon. Everyone has been very helpful.”

-Chris Logan, Bakersfield, CA

Chris Logan Review

“Thanks to Unite the People, hope has been restored.”

-Fiani Johnson, Oakland, CA

Fiani Johnson Review

“I just want to say thank you again for all of your help with Kelly’s 1437 petition. I cannot tell you how much it meant to have your support during those uncertain days after her initial denial. I really didn’t have any idea how to proceed and the clock was ticking. I plan to share my experience.”

-Dennis P. Flynn, Director of CARES for Youth, CA

I would like to thank Unite The People for their affordable rates and very knowledgeable Paralegal Bilal, who did an amazing job preparing a Franklin Motion for my loved-one.

Thanks to Unite The People, our case has a court date. This has provided hope to our loved one, who has been incarcerated for 18 years. We are very grateful for the services provided by Unite The People and highly recommend this not for profit organization.

Diana Hernandez, Inland Empire, CA

“I made the call, got a consultation and pretty satisfied with the results.”

-Lynda Mays, Hanford, CA

Lynda Mays Review Hanford, CA.png

“My son was wrongfully convicted has served 5 years of 49 years. Five years searched for lawyers were quoted $25,000 - $30,000. Our friend had to put up 2 small homes & his brand new Peterbilt diesel… With [Unite the People] we were able to hire a lawyer to get him EXONERATED.”

-Cecilia Jemente, CA

Cecilia Jemente Review CA.png

“Mitch and the staff are wonderful answer all my questions walk me through the process.”

-Stacey Levine, CA

Stacey Levine review.png

“Unite the People are heping me with an 1170(d)(1) petition for my husband and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help us… Thank you sooo much for your team.”

-Marcelite Brooks, Fresno, CA

Marcelite Brooks Review Fresno CA.png

“Unite the People worked on his case, had some enhancements removed, and he was resentenced.”

-A. Marshall, California

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“Tom Loversky saved my life. He fought like a pit bull until my murder charges were dropped after the preliminary hearing. Then he helped me get on my feet. We are still friends.”

-Leo R, Greater Los Angeles, CA

“A small lapse in judgement lead me to a world of legal problems, I was charged with a DUI, and while on a suspended license I turned a few misdemeanors into felonies, possession, intent to sale, etc. I felt the walls closing in. [UTP President] Tom Loversky was referred by a family friend. I had 3 cases in 3 different courts… Tom went to bat for me, like a Lion in the jungle he was ferocious, argued my DUI down to a wet reckless, possession with sales 995 dismissal for illegal search, and my last situation I got a non revocable probation. If you’re in trouble with the law, I highly recommend Tom Loversky. I spoke to a half dozen attorneys and nobody came close… either their retainer was too much or they didn't seem to give me that confidence or trust where I felt they would fight my fight. Tom honestly saved my life from the disaster I put it in.”

-Andrew T, Greater Los Angeles, CA


The above testimonials and/or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of a legal matter.