Reviews from some of our clients:

“They helped me file a writ to free my son and they answered all of my questions clearly. I would recommend them if you have someone who is wrongly incarcerated. Thanks to UTP, my son will be released very soon. Everyone has been very helpful.”

-Chris Logan, Bakersfield, CA

“I just want to say thank you again for all of your help with Kelly’s 1437 petition. I cannot tell you how much it meant to have your support during those uncertain days after her initial denial. I really didn’t have any idea how to proceed and the clock was ticking. I plan to share my experience with [my organization].”

-Dennis P. Flynn,Director of CARES for Youth, CA

“[UTP Senior Attorney] Tom Loversky saved my life. He fought like a pit bull until my murder charges were dropped after the preliminary hearing. Then he helped me get on my feet. We are still friends.”

-Leo R, Greater Los Angeles, CA

A small lapse in judgement lead me to a world of legal problems, I was charged with a DUI, and while on a suspended license I turned a few misdemeanors into felonies, possession, intent to sale, etc. I felt the walls closing in. [UTP President] Tom Loversky was referred by a family friend. I had 3 cases in 3 different courts… Tom went to bat for me, like a Lion in the jungle he was ferocious, argued my DUI down to a wet reckless, possession with sales 995 dismissal for illegal search, and my last situation I got a non revocable probation. If you’re in trouble with the law, I highly recommend Tom Loversky. I spoke to a half dozen attorneys and nobody came close… either their retainer was too much or they didn't seem to give me that confidence or trust where I felt they would fight my fight. Tom honestly saved my life from the disaster I put it in.”

-Andrew T, Greater Los Angeles, CA